Solar Leads In Ukraine Renewable Energy Mix

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Solar-powered electricity has claimed the biggest share in the renewable energy mix of Ukraine, closely trailed by wind energy production. As reported by pv-magazine, the total capacity of renewable energy plants in Ukraine in midyear had reached 1,028 MW. According to a report released by the SEF-2016 KYIV International Forum of Sustainable Energy in Ukraine, as of July 1, the country tallied: 453 MW of solar plants 426 MW of wind farms 31 MW of biomass power 118 MW of … Read More

EGing Rainbow208

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In 2Q15 EGing launched the commercial production of Rainbow200 high efficiency panel, cell efficiency 20.0% and panel efficiency 17.7% Now, the next generation Rainbow208 is coming, outstanding 20.8% of cell efficiency and 18.7% of panel.

Why EGing?

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EGing PV is a Bloomberg tier1 and China Top10 panel manufacturer with fully automation production line from Germany with 2GW capacity annually. We herein show you a reliable EGing PV, and detailed explain you why EGing? EGing maintains one of the highest industrial standards for the design, performance, and workmanship of its solar products to ensure a reliable power supply of the PV system for well over 25 years. Every EGing employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service. … Read More

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels

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When choosing the most appropriate solar PV panel for your project, consumers are faced with many choices on the quality and cost spectrum. In many markets, not just solar, consumers seek the best-possible combination of high-quality at a competitive price… but in doing so, they might overlook their technology options. In solar, it’s important to consider the performance advantages between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Simply defined, the material difference between polycrystalline and monocrystalline rests in the composition of the silicon substrate … Read More

CERC’s benchmark Solar PV Project cost: Panel & Inverter cost analysis

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The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission recently passed an order which sets the benchmark cost for a Solar PV project. In the past week, there was a lot of noise in the market about this. In this article, I will give you a brief about the calculations considered and what this means for the Rooftop Solar Market. The revised Solar PV Project cost has come out only 9 months after the one that came out in March 2015 (refer). The figures … Read More

UK cuts solar FiT by 64%

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The UK government has announced 64% cuts to the feed-in tariff, a modest improvement on the 87% cuts proposed in the summer. Domestic solar installations up to 10kW in size will receive a FiT rate of 4.39p/kWh (US$0.065) when the new rates come into force after the Department of Energy and Climate Change published the eagerly anticipated results of its consultation. The new rates are as follows: Capacity Feed-in tariff rate (p/kWh) 0-10kW 4.39 10-50kW 4.59 50-250kW 2.70 250kW-1000kW 2.27 … Read More

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